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Das sagen unsere Teilnehmer:innen


Begeisterte Kunden und zufriedene Teilnehmer, beim effektivsten agilen Training im Netz.

In der heutigen Geschäftswelt ist Agilität der Schlüssel. Die Fähigkeit, schnell auf Marktveränderungen, Kundenbedürfnisse und neue Chancen zu reagieren, kann den Unterschied zwischen Erfolg und Misserfolg ausmachen.

Darauf bauen unsere agilen Trainings auf. Wir fokussieren auf Zusammenarbeit und fördern in unseren Trainings Reaktionsfähigkeit und Eigenverantwortung. Zufriedene Kunden und begeisterte Teilnehmer sind der Beweis:

Das sagen unsere Teilnehmer über unsere Trainings:

»This was the best project management workshop I took (total of 3). I liked that you used the jargons from industry and that you were able to translate them to academics. Liked that the practical example was tailored and based on industry demands (one of the previous workshops I took let us make a project based on our work in academia and that was not productive.) I really liked that the scrum part was very well covered, and liked the links to further information, like the scrum master certificate.«

»The workshop was really well structured & organized. It felt thought through and was really didactically focused on getting the participants to learn something, rather than only focussing on giving information.«

»I like that it positively surprised me. I had no knowledge in agile and scrum and now I have a very basic idea of a working organisation that seems totally pragmatic and productive, which I would love to learn more about. It also surprised me that I could integrate in the scrum team and fairly being productive with a method and a subject totally unknown for me. I was impressed by how much one can learn in a day when it is well organized«

»The hands on approach was very effective, and the guidance we received from Kevin and Ingrid was useful«