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Agile Change In Large Cooperations: What are the findings?

Learnings from the transformation project of DB Systel, IT subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn

How do I agilize hierarchical companies in complex environments? 🤔 What makes this particular journey? Some time ago DB Systel GmbH, reported on their agile transformation at AGILE.RUHR 2022. A few weeks ago, they published their learnings.

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Boost your research and text analysis with AI:

Extract information from large texts with ChatGPT and Mermaid

Have you ever had to wade through documents such as research papers, annual reports or Shakespeare's plays to quickly grasp the main ideas? Combining language models with tools such as Mermaid can increase productivity and save you research time.

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Objective Key Results

Bring a strategic perspective to agile teams

The OKR framework connects agile work at the team level with the strategic direction of the organization. Objective Key Results provide goals and a way to audit goal achievement for agile teams. The focus is on ownership and transparency across departmental boundaries. What elements make up the OKR framework and what is the advantage in using it? Read more about strategy in agile work.

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Agile Organizational Development

Does decision making occur under the umbrella of unclear preferences among decision makers? And are teams operating under fluid commitments from their team members, with too many tools reducing productivity? If so, Michael D. Cohen's article "A Garbage Can Model of Organizational Choice"may offer a solution.

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On the podcast with John Cass:

Where does agile marketing stand in Germany today?

In the podcast, we answer the question of why the spread of agile marketing in Germany has been comparatively slow, what role cultural idiosyncrasies play, and what external circumstances can drive change.

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The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing by Jim Ewel

Agile with a capital 'A' - In "The 6 Disciplines of Agile Marketing," Jim Ewel shows how agile marketing can work.

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Book Review of

Scrum into the School by Tom Mittelbach

Editor Tom Mittelbach's book Scrum into Schools convincingly explains why Scrum and schools are a good fit. The book is the result of a booksprint in summer 2020, in which a total of 17 authors participated. Read more


of agile marketing

The main difference between agile marketing strategies and the traditional approach lies in the application of agile principles. This approach consistently takes a user-centric stance to create as much value for the user as possible. In fixed iterations, the agile marketing team creates, runs through, measures and adjusts its go-to-market strategy according to the insights gained from the process. Read more

Agile working instead of boring learning:

Scrum for academics?

Scrum is not only a framework for agile working in software or product development. It also offers the potential to be used as a guide for effective teamwork in other areas. So why not use it in schools and universities? What sounds unimaginable at first could offer a solution to many of the problems we face, especially in the current pandemic.Read more

Scrum - An Introduction

or: How teamwork becomes more effective

Agile working and fixed rules of the game seem like a contradiction at first glance. But the Scrum framework developed in the 90s and recently updated by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber proves the opposite: agile teamwork becomes most effective when it follows clearly outlined rules. Read more

Software development in the Scaled Agile Framework SAFe

In an interview Heiko Lokau, Lead Scrum Master and Sven Kühnel, Release Train Engineer at SimCorp.

In conversation are Sven Kühnel, Release Train Engineer & Director Delivery DE and Heiko Lokau, Lead Scrum Master, Alternative Investments Development DE at SimCorp Central Europe in Bad Homburg. The interview was conducted by Kevin Anding from CONNECTINGSCIENCE. Read more

Agile in banks: possibility or contradiction

Best practice at ING-Diba

Agility needs acceptance. This, or something similar, describes the key framework for implementing agile methods in companies. When "individuals and interactions weigh more than processes and tools," there needs to be a company-wide understanding of agile ways of thinking and working. ING-Diba demonstrates how this can be achieved in the enterprise.... Read more

Agile in parallel projects

the Scaled Agile Framework SAFe explained

SAFe is one of the most comprehensive frameworks for working in distributed teams. Its proximity to Scrum allows for rapid learning and implementation. At the same time, the comprehensive framework requires time for familiarization for effective use in release trains... WEITERLESEN